The House On The Hill

The Natural Resources Research Institute is located in an abandoned Air Force building with “20-foot ceilings and cavernous concrete spaces,” which is both creepy and cool. Its mission and history and other neat stuff can be found here. The title comes from a creepy/cool 1971 song by the progressive rock band Audience.    

Knights Of The Round Table

Are occupants of the British Isles obsessive about quoting Monty Python as people are here in the colonies? Like obsessive enough to put a second link in the same post? Yes, NRRI! is the destination. The story will continue next week … oh yeah, gotta deal with those twin evil nuisances, Christmas and New Year’s … well, soon.  

Goody Goody Gumdrops

The giant gumball (aka soccer ball, golf ball or disembodied eyeball depending on your state of mind) is the NEXRAD weather tower in Hermantown. It’s not their actual destination, but it’s the most visible landmark in the neighborhood. Special kudos to whoever can bear to listen to the entire song referenced in the title. The…
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Rain O’er Me

I ride the DTA religiously, but they really grind my gears sometimes. This song reference may be overly obvious (my other choice was Magic Bus), and not just to old fogies. I’ve found that younger generations know the music of the ’60s and ’70s better than the people who grew up with it. I planned to have them waiting for the…
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This is the time of year when “Wizard of Oz” shows up a lot on TV, so I might as well get the reference in now. It had to happen sometime. There are five billion versions of “Over the Rainbow” out there, but I’m particularly fond of this one.